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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Holidays Boring,,,NAHH!!! amik kawwww ;p

Holaa!! Wanna talk bout the boredness of the holiday happiness of holiday coz this holidays isn't boring after all.
YEAH!! wootwoot ^^ HAHA :D at lastt,, maklong decide to have a onedaylongholiday at CAMERON LOWLAND  *pardon it's HIGHLAND . HAHA :D . we all start the journey about 10 or 11 in da morning,, HAHA . the funny part is that the decision was made on 8.00 am . its only abt 2 hours to get prepared 4 everythingg. andd,, NURIN *usually tidur LEWAT && bangun LEWAT jugaa >_< have to menahan rasa malasnya ituu 4 bgn awalawal TERpaksaa change her routine to have just a little sleep.Zzz . the hole house is just like ah *everyone in da house dah CUBA gerakkan her from her sweetNOONdream*:: wakeupwakeup NURIN! ,, do u wanna be left all alone in da house. everyone is just like soo rushing upp to prepare everything 4 the journey butt STILL,, baringbaring on her cozy bed . like ugghhh. soo dificult to wake her up pfftt.,, mengalahkan beruang  HAHA :DD the banggee part is that paklong said that his car isnt as wangi as usual . meaning we have brought the wanginess in his soo beloved car tu lah. thought that it was nurin's perfumeee.
      first destination,, hmm the CAMERON BHARAT TEA . went there just having our semi-lunch / semi-breakfast *to fillen up our empty stomach . YUMMMY !! carrotcake , sandwich , brownies andd alsoo ice lemon tea semuaa daa jatuh dlm our tummy. psst,, although the place is lawaa andd bersih but i think its bersihness is not that good cause lalat was like all over the place * nak ckp we all busuk,, baru mandi kott,, . soo, thats why they didnt show up their cleanliness grade . secondorthird FUNNY part is *thought that our destination was full with funny thinggss one person nih umurnya dirahsiakan thought that he was as old as myy atookk,, guees so boleh pulaa, nak show off his DSLR infront of us. butt,, flash on da camera was on. so sadd in the meaning of perliperli him. HAHA :) kantoii lahh x reti gunee. BEGINNER katakaann. 


KEA FARM jatuuh on the 2nd place of our destination,,

Tatau nak story apaapaa cause it was just like the MOMMAS place *PASAR*
winkwink. Too happy getting the money from the elder sampaii,,blur andd tatau
naakk beli apaa -,-.jalanjalan all the way of the farm and thought that the
nyonya on every kedaikedai daa muak tengok our faces.pusingpusing andd
peningpening makin us dizzyizzy.soo,we went to a gerai and bought some
freakyfriendmushrooms.uggh,,keras + mcm batu.soo,,menyakitkan hatii
lahh.another thinggayy that we bought is a jagungjerkbakar.tatau laa uncle
tuhh bakar or what rasenyer like no rase.the last thinggayy we bought is fruits *
at least,, ade jugaa userful and satisfied thinggayy.pasarname : jambuepal..
HAHA :D what a nice name.scientifical name : not detected/unknown *soo
penaja pfftt.,,whatsoeverlahthename is AT KEA FARM
Nurin & Daus 

drumrolldrumroll.. the next place goes to the TANAH RATA'S FOODCOURT * wanna go to the restaurant upstairs butt,, too baadd its still closed andd only open on 6 uncle toilet tuh yang cakaap HAHA :D btw,, dpt safe bajet jugaa andd boleh beli ipad2 pulaa  aroundofapplause too makcikfoodcourt cause maknig us too wait like uggh decades for only fiveplatesofkueytiau ,, i repeat ,,         FORONLYFIVEPLATESOFKUEYTIAU. clapclap. pfft.,,. urgghhh.
making us like urggh x nak bayar langsung laa. about half an hour later,, finally lunch is served,, but i think that its BETTER  for us to cook by ourselves andd pinjam that kitchen from makcikfoodcourt THAN makan the meals that she served 4 us . the taste kalah if we all buat rotihangus sekalipun.. HAHA :D . URGGH tolonglahfahaamm,, makcikfoodcourt tuh wasnt good anything laa.. even kirakira pun ta lepaasss. it took time 4 her to just kirakira the food that we ate. patutlaah,, our family was the only customer for that gerai. makcikfoodcourt tuhh supposed show us a good criteria to be a succesfull buisnessman right ?? *ececeh, concious pulaa nak jadi buisnessman . the food must be cook with full of tastiness andd creativities andd soo on la.  

============================THE END==============================

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